What is The Persistent Photographer?

The Persistent Photographer is a newsletter written by me, Charlie Moss.

I’m a photographer and an experienced writer. In addition to having worked in the photography industry, I have written for some incredible publications on photography. I’m also currently researching a PhD in History of Art at Oxford Brookes University.

I’m currently writing for:

In addition to writing, I also offer photographing services (primarily business to business). I have been playing the stock (photography) market for almost fifteen years now, and shoot e-commerce, advertising, and branding images for small businesses.

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For the past 15 years, I’ve taken the slow road in photography and slowly I’ve turned it from my hobby to my profession. I’m still improving every day, and I want you to do the same.

I hope that this newsletter will bring you a little bit of joy whenever it falls into your inbox. It’ll be full of things I love, things I’ve learned, and things I think will help you along the way on your own photographic journey.

My goal is to turn more photographers into artists. So if this sounds like something you fancy then subscribe to get full access to the newsletter. Never miss an update.

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